Personal Security Set

Personal Security Set

The perfect personal protection in the digital society of today.
Webcam cover Ideal Mobile and Tablet (18mm)
Protect yourself from transparency through the camera hole on your phone or tablet. A super-thin cover that is fastened with double-sided adhesive tape on top of the lens. Opens and closes smoothly and can sit permanently, without being removed. A universal product that fits most of the market's phones and tablets.

This together with a SyncStop connector.

SyncStop prevents accidental data exchange when your device is connected to someone else's computer or a public charging station. SyncStop accomplishes this by blocking data transfer and allowing only power to pass. This minimizes the risks of installing malware and theft of data.

Compatible with 99% of the charging cables on the market, standard USB connector (Type-A). Works with both iPhone & Android.

RFID blocking card

Watch out for the latest trend to access your banking details. This smart RFID card blocks RFID and NFC signals. The card protects your bank and credit cards against wireless skimming and to avoid unwanted access and copying of data of credit card, passport card and bus card. The card is designed as a regular credit card and fits all wallets, mobile cases etc. The card does not affect mobile phone, magnetic strip or chip on other cards.

All products come with a logo and on a standard paper card. Again, the whole paper card can also be designed according to your design from 500 pcs.

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Material ABS, PP, Metal
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